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Linen St. John Paul II

  • Linen St. John Paul II
  • Linen St. John Paul II
  • Linen St. John Paul II
  • Linen St. John Paul II

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Everyone's favorite Polish pope, Saint John Paul II the Great. Destroyer of communism, champion of human rights, and most importantly he was totally surrendered to the will of God in his life. Stories of his love and witness will continue to reverberate throughout the ages.

I've sewn him here in natural tones with elements of metallic gold linen in his vestments and miter. A nod to his famous silver pastoral cross is sewn in grey wool felt on the right side.

Roughly 9 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide.

Materials include: Linen, linen/cotton blend, 100% merino wool felt, cotton threads, hypoallergenic polyfil.


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